Mefu MF-1700 F2



MF1700-F2 is a newest double side hot and cold laminator for Print and Graphic industries. Up to 1630 lamination width, mounting up to 28mm(1.1”) with a temperature up to 120°C(248°F) for both rollers. MF1700-F2 is created for extremely demanding finishing requirements. Use with cold or thermal films for single-side or double-side lamination for a max speed of 9m/min. This wide format and heavy duty laminator is designed for widest choice of finishing possibilities. MF1700-F2 will help you to produce any work with the most demanding quality and efficiency.

Maks. szerokość laminowania1630mm
Maks. grubość laminowania28mm
Maks. prędkość18m/min
Maks. temp120C
Unoszenie wałkaPneumatyczne
Czas rozgrzania10-15 min
Zasilanie230V, 2,6kW
Waga260 kg